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        Our university has always been attaching great importance to the team-building of teachers by putting it on the priority position for strategic development. We have been adhering to three key links: training, introduction and utilization, and trying to promote the overall level of our talent team and set up a reasonably-structured team of high-quality teachers full of vigor andvitality, centering around promoting the overall quality of our teaching team, focusing on reinforcing the team-building of academic (teaching) pioneers and backbones and forging a team of innovative scientific research (teaching) and aiming at giving full play to the performance of talented people.


        Our university has worked out special ways for bringing in high-level talented people and setting up a special fund for high-level talented people. Relying on talents programs of various kinds, the university is stepping up efforts in the cultivation and introduction of leading talents, and has successfully brought up a number of academic pioneers and star teachers famous in the pharmaceutical field at home and abroad. The young and middle-aged academic pioneers and backbones with active academic thoughts and strong innovation ability has become the mainstay of our teaching and scientific research.